Managed IT Services Overview

Geeks Mobile Specializes in managed IT services in a wide range of industries on premise private cloud, Public cloud or hybrid cloud-based network. Our solutions to focus on improve the availability, security and delivering the highest levels of performance of your business. We’re taking a proactive approach to your systems, planning ahead, addressing needs before they become emergencies and ensure recover-ability. We help provide uninterrupted access to your mission critical system and data, including maintain business continuity strategy and planing. When you reach out to Geeks Mobile, you’ll encounter the highest level of expertise to help your organization manage any IT challenges.

We help organizations reach to the new level of IT performance and efficiency

We offer to improve the value that IT brings to your organization by identifying the resources and capabilities needed to generate more efficient model and cost structure. Cloud computing or hybrid cloud is the best options for today’s business environment. There are many benefits to moving your IT infrastructure to cloud:

  • 1). Efficiency / Reduced IT costs
  • 2). Scalability
  • 3). Data security
  • 4). Collaboration efficiency
  • 5). Mobility
  • 6). Competitive Edge
  • 7). Sustainability
Cloud Computing adoption is on the rise every year, and more organizations are turning to cloud services. They recognize the benefits of cloud computing and how cloud computing impact their production, collaboration, security and revenue. Cloud infrastructures is also support environmental pro-activity, powering virtual services rather than upfront cost expensive physical IT hardware, improving energy efficiency and results in less of a carbon footprint.

We will guide you every step of the way to adapt and secure your cloud environment

Geeks Mobile can manage public or hybrid cloud transitions to help your company can quickly adapt to market demand by take the best path to public or hybrid cloud services offer below:

1). Cloud Services for AWS:

Providing developers and IT department with the ability to focus on what matter most and avoid undifferentiated work like procurement, maintenance, and capacity planning. Each type of cloud service, and deployment method, provides you with different levels of control, flexibility, and management.

2). Cloud Services for Microsoft Azure:

Provides a range of cloud services, including those for compute, analytics, storage and networking. The flexibility and affordability of Azure in the public cloud or on premises. Quickly adapt to market demands and enable the enterprise through hybrid cloud.

3). Managed Services for Oracle Cloud:

Simplify application availability and complexity with Oracle cloud solutions. Provides access to best-in-class visualized and converged infrastructure resources, including compute, storage, virtual network infrastructural, database and applications.

4). Infrastructure Design and Migration:

Identify and plan for the best and most appropriate cloud infrastructure for your cloud based or hybrid network based on your products requirement. Move your cloud application fully between cloud provider or configure a multi-provider infrastructure for your business processes and application seamlessly.

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