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Cloud App Development Overview

More and more enterprises today have started trusting cloud computing after testing its development projects and applications. They recognize the benefits of cloud computing and how it impact their production, collaboration, security and revenue. They have moving their critical operations onto the cloud; therefore, an increase in demand for new business applications.

Geeks Mobile can help leveraging software to innovate services and products. We abstracts away from technical components across the entire application life cycle, accelerating the speed at which IT teams can deliver custom solutions. We focus on a cloud first approach to software development provides a faster path to turn your business ideas into working applications.

Trusted expert of cloud app development for startups and enterprises across the globe

We help build large scale solutions and innovative startups applications on modern cloud providers platforms such as AWS, Azure, Google Cloud. Giving your users a consistent and reliable experience across the globe. Geeks Mobile Software Development Group has the experience and expertise to design, build, maintain, and help you grow your business.

Cloud Computing Phoenix

We leverage cloud platforms to enhance your business functionalities. Cloud computing offers great benefits for enterprises and startups by significant reducing cost and increasing flexibility.

  • Cloud based File Sharing

Streamline teamwork collaboration, which allows data to be shared, accessed and edited, downloaded, uploaded virtually from anywhere around the globe. Updates are visible in real-time and are seen by all teammates.

  • On-Premise Infrastructure to cloud integration

We develop and deploy custom cloud based applications, each designed to be combined mobile-first design techniques with inscrutable server side programming and rich database functionality to create high performance enterprise cloud apps, including ERP, CRMs and much more. We can deploy cloud apps in public, private or hybrid environments.

  • Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) Development

Build powerful and scalable cloud based application solutions for a variety of use cases including CRM, ERP, geo-locating services and document management using powerful and reliable back-end languages like Python, ASP.NET, Core, PHP, Node JS, etc.