What is VOiP and how does it work?

VoIP shorts for Voice Over Internet Protocol is the technology enables people to use the internet as the transmission medium to make phone calls directly from a computer or a VoIP phone by sending voice data in packets over the internet (IP) rather than by traditional circuit transmissions PSTN.

The digital technologies have been rapid evolving in recently years and so is VoIP technology. It has  evolved into unified communications services that can deliver all features including phone calls, faxes, voicemail, email, web conferences and much more.

What is the benefit of VOiP for business?

VoIP phone system comes with many advantages. There is no limit how many phone can be added to the system, it offers must better voice quality. It comes with a wide selection of extra features like call forwarding, call waiting, voice mail, auto attendant, caller ID, three-way calling and much more. VoIP also has the advantage of allowing you, your staff, and your clients to hold phone meeting or video conferencing from virtually anywhere around the world.

VoIP is easier to install, configure and maintain the phone system can be hosted on-premise or on-cloud. VoIP system phone using exist network connection, you can set up an IP phone and be ready to go very quickly.

Saving money is  one of the most important features of VoIP systems. Traditional systems can be expensive. The set up is intrusive, re configuring required time and physical system changes and very limit feature can be can figured.

Find the service that best fit your business needs.

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